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Tabernacle Choir Performance with Salt Lake City Tour

Combine the two best experiences of Salt Lake City!

Quick Details

Child (Ages 2-8)

See the World-Famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir Live!

Experience the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir combined with our bestselling Salt Lake City Deluxe Tour. One of the largest and oldest choirs in the world, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has won countless awards and performed at the inaugurations of six U.S. presidents.

Music and the Spoken Word is the longest continuously running network broadcast in the world, running since 1929. Experience it live from the audience!

Special Notes:

  • Children under 8 are not allowed in the auditorium for live broadcasts; they are instead seated in a separate, soundproof room.
  • This tour is offered twice a week. Sunday morning is the live broadcast. Thursday evening is a rehearsal.