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Great Salt Lake Tour

Quick Details

Child (Ages 2-8)

Sightseeing Bus Tour of Great Salt Lake!

Hear the myths and mysteries of Great Salt Lake from a local expert on this two-hour sightseeing bus tour full of entertaining stories and fascinating facts! On this 50-mile adventure, you get to discover the saltiest lake in the western hemisphere, America’s Dead Sea.

Float like a cork; Great Salt Lake is so salty that you simply cannot sink in it! Learn the science behind the lake that is up to ten times as salty as the ocean. Travel to a historic beach resort and enjoy romantic tales from a century ago. Missing this tour when you’re in Salt Lake City is like having popcorn without salt!

Tour Highlights:

  • Great Salt Lake State Marina
  • Saltair Resort — once known as “the Coney Island of the West”
  • Catch live sea monkeys in fascinating colors
  • Wetlands habitat — one of the world’s greatest migratory bird refuges
  • Swim in the lake or feel the water — as it dries, it tingles the skin.