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Join us on Salt Lake City's oldest and best sightseeing bus tour! Visit the best spots for taking the most stunning photos of Salt Lake City's top attractions. Featured here is Salt Lake City's most iconic building, the Salt Lake Mormon Temple at Temple Square. Forty years from start to finish, this pioneer era building is made of Utah granite, quarried 20 miles from Temple Square. Each two ton block of stone would take 3-4 days to reach Temple Square on a wagon. To see the Mormon Temple and many other amazing sights on a 20-mile loop of Salt Lake City, try the Salt Lake City TourMormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour, or the Salt Lake Trolley Tour. Reserve your seats for sightseeing tours online at or call (801) 531-1001

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Temple Square Tours

Temple Square comprises over 35 acres, it can take a while to explore on your own. Are you hoping to get some great photos on your vacation to Salt Lake City? Let us show you the best photo spots of the buildings and gardens during our Salt Lake City Tour or Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour. 


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One of Salt Lake City's most beautiful landmarks, the Salt Lake City and County Building is Utah's most stunning example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. Built in 1894, the Salt Lake City and County building was the site of the Utah State Constitutional Convention and served as Utah's Capitol from when statehood was first granted in 1896 until the current Utah State Capitol was constructed in 1915. It underwent a seismic retrofit in the 1980s, making it the first building in the world to be retrofitted with base isolators; the weak sandstone structure was placed on a foundation of rubber and steel to protect it from earthquake damage. 

To see this beautiful building and other spectacular landmarks, reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus for the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour or the Trolley Tour of Salt Lake City


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Mormon Tabernacle Choir Salt Lake City Tour

Enjoy spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains on our sightseeing bus tours. Featured above is a photo taken during our Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Salt Lake City Tour. Join us on the sightseeing tour bus, which departs from downtown Salt Lake City hotels, for entertaining stories and the best photo spots in Salt Lake City!


The most popular sightseeing attractions in Salt Lake City are Temple Square, which includes the Mormon Tabernacle where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs on Sundays and rehearses on Thursdays, as well as where a daily organ recital occurs; the Salt Lake Temple, which is not open to the public but the gardens around the Mormon Temple provide a great setting for photography; the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly a luxury hotel called the Hotel Utah; City Creek Center, a billion-dollar shopping center with landscaping that includes waterfalls and water fountains; and the Family History Library, the world's largest genealogy library. Utah State Capitol is a tourist attraction that is quite popular. Explore these attractions on a sightseeing tour of downtown Salt Lake City.

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Salt Lake City Temple Square Tours

The Salt Lake Temple. located at Temple Square, was completed in 1893, three years before Utah became a state. A striking ediface, the spires rise amid the downtown high-rise buildings and shopping centers. The Salt Lake Temple has a total floor area of 253,000 square feet. 

Join us on the Salt Lake City Tour, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour, or the Trolley Tour of Salt Lake City for entertaining and memorable stories and trivia about the Salt Lake Temple.

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Utah Capitol Cherry Blossoms on the Salt Lake City Tour

The springtime blossoms of the Yoshino cherry trees at Utah State Capitol building provide a wonderful complement to an already beautiful building. Visit the Capitol on our sigthseeing bus by taking the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour.

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Huntsman Hotel in Mormon history village - Utah Tours

Built in 1872 and replicated at This Is The Place Park in 1996, the Huntsman Hotel was one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the Utah Territory in its day. Many dignitaries stayed in the hotel when passing through central Utah, including Mormon church prophets on their way to southern Utah. The original hotel has 24 rooms, full-length porches, fine dining room, and a barbershop. Today at This Is The Place Park's historic pioneer village, you can enjoy a meal or ice cream while exploring dozens of historic pioneer buildings and homes. For a glimpse of pioneer life in Utah, join us on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour by booking online at

Pioneer Life - Salt Lake City Tours

Get a glimpse of Utah pioneer life in an historic village in Salt Lake City. This Is The Place Heritage Park is an interactive experience showcasing many buildings from pioneer days. Escape the city and travel back in time with sights and stories of the 1800's. Join us on a Salt Lake City bus tour and visit historic Deseret Village at This Is The Place Monument. Book online at 


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Capitol Hill - Salt Lake City Tours

Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City stands above downtown to the north of Temple Square. The capitol complex has impressive sights to see, including touring the capitol building, the surrounding grounds with a reflective pool, and an adjacent park for a pleasant stroll. From the capitol you will find magnificent views of the valley below, as well as the mountains around Salt Lake City. To visit the top tourist attractions, join us on the Salt Lake City TourGreat Salt Lake TourKennecott Utah Copper Mine Tour, or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour. Reservations for the sightseeing tour bus can be made online at


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Mormon Pioneer Cabinet Shop - Salt Lake City Tours

The Dinwoodey Cabinet and Chair Shop was originally built in Salt Lake City in 1858 and replicated for This Is The Place Heritage Park in 1995. Mormon pioneers weren't able to bring much furniture with them across the Mormon Trail, so skilled woodworkers like Henry Dinwoodey were essential members of pioneer society. These craftsmen learned to adapt their work to the softer woods and different conditions found in Utah. Imitating the styles of the eastern hardwoods with the native white pine, aspen, cottonwood, and box elder timber, they used faux finish to paint and grain their products to look like hardwoods and marble. 

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