America's Dead Sea - the saltiest lake in the western hemisphere!

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A 50-mile adventure - Missing the Great Salt Lake Tour is like having popcorn without salt! Discover the mysteries of this one-of-a-kind inland sea. The Great Salt Lake Tour is filled with entertaining stories and fascinating facts, as well as the opportunity to float like a cork in the lake you cannot sink in! No trip to Utah is complete without a visit to the Great Salt Lake, and our expert tour guides really know how to make this Dead Sea come to life! 

Tour sights include:

  • Great Salt Lake State Marina

  • Saltair Resort - once known as "the Coney Island of the West"

  • Catch live Sea Monkeys - fascinating, multiple colors

  • Wetlands habitat - one of the world's greatest migratory bird refuges

  • Swim in the lake or feel the water - as it dries it tingles the skin

TIME:  2:30 pm  

LENGTH:  2 hours

PRICE:  $39 adult  /  $20 child (age 10 and under)

LOCATION: Pickup is available for most downtown Salt Lake City hotels. Choose your hotel pickup during the online checkout process.

PARKING available at Hotel RL by Red Lion, 161 West 600 South



- Tour does not travel on the water; tour will visit the marina and beach areas on land

Advanced Purchase Required - Book online