Kennecott Utah Copper Mine

Utah Copper Mine & Capitol on Salt Lake City Tour

Kennecott Utah Copper Mine & Capitol on Salt Lake City Tour

The neoclassical dome of the Utah State Capitol has an architectural element that has become a common symbol of democracy in the United States.  The outer dome towers over 250 feet from the base of the front stairs.  The shell of the dome is made of Utah's own copper, installed in 1980, to replace the original copper covering after portions were blown off in a heavy windstorm. In the background is the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, where 25% of America's copper is produced. 

Book online to see the Utah Capitol on the Salt Lake City Tour or see the Kennecott Utah Bingham Canyon Copper Mine on our Copper Mine & Great Salt Lake Tour.


The most popular sightseeing attractions in Salt Lake City are Temple Square, which includes the Mormon Tabernacle where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs on Sundays and rehearses on Thursdays, as well as where a daily organ recital occurs; the Salt Lake Temple, which is not open to the public but the gardens around the Mormon Temple provide a great setting for photography; the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly a luxury hotel called the Hotel Utah; City Creek Center, a billion-dollar shopping center with landscaping that includes waterfalls and water fountains; and the Family History Library, the world's largest genealogy library. Utah State Capitol is a tourist attraction that is quite popular. Explore these attractions on a sightseeing tour of downtown Salt Lake City.

Kennecott Utah Copper Mine - Salt Lake City Tours

The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine is the world's first and largest open pit copper mine. Over a century of mining has created the largest man-made hole in history! Approaching 3 miles wide and a mile deep, this hole is large enough for astronauts to see it from the space shuttle. The pit is so large that it generates its own weather patterns. Come see one of the greatest feats of engineering in history by joining us on the Utah Copper Mine Tour. Book online at


Tours of Salt Lake City are available daily to see sightseeing attractions like Temple Square, Mormon Tabernacle, and Utah State Capitol.

Kennecott Utah Copper Mine Tour - Salt Lake City Tours

Our Copper Mine Tour is now operating for the 2014 season! Join us for an unforgettable trip to the world's largest and richest copper mine, and the largest man-made hole in history! Hear the stories and see the incredible views with a City Sights tour guide. Also included in this 4-hour sightseeing trip is our Great Salt Lake Tour, where our entertaining, professional tour guides make "America's Dead Sea" come alive! 

Tours operate twice daily; the morning tour to the copper mine departs downtown Salt Lake City at 9:30 AM, with free pickup from downtown hotels prior to that, and the afternoon tour departs at 2:30 PM. Seating is limited for this tour so reserve your seats early by visiting

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Kennecott Utah Copper Mine Tour - Things to do in Salt Lake City

What is one of the best things to do in Salt Lake City for tourists? How about a trip see the largest man-made hole in history! A hole so large that astronauts can see it from the space shuttle. A hole so large that it generates its own weather patterns. The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine experienced an incredible landslide in April 2012, and now two years later much progress has been made in the cleanup of that landslide. If you squint while looking at this picture, you'll see tiny trucks driving on those roads; they are actually the size of a two story house! Notice the crater in the upper center of the picture, this is where 165 million tons of rock fell off the mountain wall and into the pit. The landslide was the largest non-volcanic slide in the known history of North America! Join us on the Utah Copper Mine Tour to see incredible views of the pit and hear entertaining stories and fun facts about the richest copper mine in history. Seating is limited, so BOOK ONLINE early

See the best attractions in Salt Lake City, including Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle, on a Salt Lake City tour.