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Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on Sunday Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert on Salt Lake City Tour

Music & the Spoken Word is the longest continuously running network broadcast in the world. Since 1929, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with a live broadcast every Sunday morning. 

Reserve your seats on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour online or by calling (801) 531-1001. Sunday mornings include a live concert and Thursday evenings feature the Choir's rehearsal.


Salt Lake City tours including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert performance or rehearsal in the Tabernacle at Temple Square

Spring Flowers on Temple Square Sightseeing Tour

Flower Garden Temple Square Tour

Spring flowers are making their appearance on the Temple Square sightseeing tour. As seen on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour on Thursday afternoon/evening. The morning Salt Lake City Tour also provides great lighting for taking pictures of the flowers in the gardens of Temple Square.




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