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Mormon Pioneer Trail Monument - [Deluxe Salt Lake City Tour]

A journey of 1300 miles created the Old Mormon Trail, from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah. Known today as the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, over 70,000 Mormon pioneers walked it in an average of 112 days; it was the largest organized westward migration in America's history. Many traveled with wagons drawn by oxen, and some even pushed giant handcarts themselves as they were loaded with over 300 pounds of provisions and personal belongings. 

Hear this epic tale from an expert local storytelling guide and visit the end of the Mormon Pioneer Trail in a sightseeing tour bus on the Deluxe Salt Lake City Tour

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Oldest State University in the West on Salt Lake City Tour

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Visit the oldest state university west of the Missouri River, set up on the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Hear fun facts and memorable stories of how the Mormon pioneers founded a university shortly after arriving in an uninhabited desert. See spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the downtown skyline, and in the distance spot the largest manmade hole in history, the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine. Join us on the Salt Lake Trolley Tour which departs twice daily, the Salt Lake City Deluxe Tour departing daily at 9:00am, or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Deluxe City Tour on Sunday morning or Thursday evening, to visit this fascinating and scenic Utah attraction. Reserve your seats online at or call (801) 531-1001. We look forward to having you on a Utah sightseeing tour with Salt Lake City's oldest and best tour company!

Lookout Point on Salt Lake City Tour

Lookout Point in Salt Lake City on Utah bus tour

Enjoy remarkable views of Salt Lake City, the mountains, and the downtown skyline as you gaze out from Lookout Point. Join a sightseeing bus tour with City Sights for a truly memorable and entertaining sightseeing experience. Not all tour companies are equal! See the sights aboard a premium touring bus with panoramic tour windows and air conditioning that allow you to view everything while remaining cool and comfortable; while our competitors use tight, squished little vans with small, darkened windows that have terrible visibility. Our professional guides are Utah natives and each have over a decade of experience providing guided tours in Salt Lake City; while some of our competitors are not Utah natives and have lived here only a few years. They'll charge the same price for a grand tour of Salt Lake City, yet their tour is only half as long and includes fewer attractions. Who would you rather take a tour with?