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Mormon Trail Monument on Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour

Mormon Trail on Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Salt Lake City Tour

Visit the striking monument that commemorates the largest organized westward migration in American history. This is the Place Monument marks the completion of the Mormon Trail, used by 70,000 Mormon pioneers who came to Salt Lake City over 150 years ago. Set amidst a backdrop of beautiful Rocky Mountains, it also provides pleasant views of the valley several hundred feet below. Join us on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour to experience the best of the best. This tour includes the sights of our Salt Lake City Tour in addition to a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on Sunday morning or a rehearsal on Thursday evening. Plan your trip to allow for taking this tour and you will not be disappointed! If you have less time available, consider our charming Salt Lake Trolley TourReserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus online at or call (801) 531-1001. We look forward to having you on Salt Lake City's oldest and best tour.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Rehearsal with Salt Lake City Tour

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Rehearsal with Salt Lake City Tour

Hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse on Thursday evenings in the historic Mormon Tabernacle building on Temple Square. The rehearsal prepares them for the Sunday morning broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word, the world's longest continuously running network broadcast. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour will visit the rehearsal on Thursday evenings and the concert live broadcast on Sunday mornings. If you are in Salt Lake City on either of these days, visiting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be one of the highlights of your vacation to Utah. If you're planning your vacation now, it is very much worthwhile to arrange to be in Salt Lake City on those days; you won't regret it! 

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