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Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on Sunday Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert on Salt Lake City Tour

Music & the Spoken Word is the longest continuously running network broadcast in the world. Since 1929, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with a live broadcast every Sunday morning. 

Reserve your seats on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour online or by calling (801) 531-1001. Sunday mornings include a live concert and Thursday evenings feature the Choir's rehearsal.


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LDS Conference Center - Salt Lake City Tours

The LDS Conference Center across from Temple Square is one of the largest religious auditoriums in the world. Seating capacity in the main auditorium is 21,000. The Conference Center is used for large meetings, Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsals and concerts during the peak visitor seasons, and for theatrical productions. Made of the same stone from the same location as the Salt Lake Temple across the street, the Conference Center was completed in 2000. Open daily for guided tours both inside the building as well as on the roof, where a large garden was placed to absorb sunlight and help keep the building cooler in the summer. Thursday evening is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal, with doors typically opening to the public at 7:30 PM. Sunday morning is the Choir's concert, Music and the Spoken Word, with doors opening at 8:25 AM and the 30-minute broadcast beginning at 9:30 AM. Many days of the summer, the Conference Center offers a 2:00 PM organ recital open to the public. 

Join us on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour on Thursday evening or Sunday morning to hear the Choir as well as see the top attractions in Salt Lake City.

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Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Salt Lake City Tours

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir moves to the LDS Conference Center for the summer to accommodate larger crowds. The LDS Conference Center is one of the largest religious auditoriums in the world, with a seating capacity of 21,000. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and performs Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday mornings. No tickets are required and there is no formal dress code. Pictures are permitted during the rehearsals but no photography or recording is allowed during the broadcast. Music and the Spoken Word is the longest continually running network broadcast in the world. Doors open at 8:25 AM on Sunday morning and you must be seated by 9:15 AM. If you're attending the Thursday evening rehearsal, the schedule does vary sometimes but typically the doors will open at 7:30 PM and the rehearsal goes until 9:30 PM. During the choir rehearsal, you can enter and exit the auditorium at any time during those hours, staying for as long or as little as you like. 

Hearing this 360-member choir will be the highlight of your visit to Utah, so plan to be in Salt Lake City on Sunday morning if you can, or Thursday afternoon to at least view the rehearsal. Join us on Sunday or Thursday for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour, which includes most all the sights of our popular Salt Lake City Tour plus the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast or rehearsal. Reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus at

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