Mormon Pioneer History Village

Jewkes-Draper Mormon Pioneer Home - Salt Lake City Tours

Samuel Jewkes, an English immigrant to the Mormon church, ran a gristmill and a sawmill in the town of Fountain Green, Utah. His middle class home was built with tine timbers connected with mortise and tendon joints and wooden pegs; the walls insulated with adobe bricks placed between the timbers using lime plaster and whitewash on the surfaces. The exterior was clapboard. Built in the mid-1860's, Jewkes later sold the home to Henry Draper in 1879. This quaint home was relocated in 1980 and now sits in the Mormon pioneer history village at This Is The Place Heritage Park. 

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Historic Mormon Pioneer Chapel - Salt Lake City Tours

A replica of the Pine Valley Chapel stands in the pioneer history village at This Is The Place Park in Salt Lake City. The original was built in 1868 in Pine Valley, near St. George, Utah, by a Scottish convert to the Mormon church. Ebenezer Bryce. Bryce was shipbuilder and using traditional shipbuilding techniques he crafted the log walls on the ground before raising them into place and building the attic as a ship's hull turned upside down. Meetinghouses like this one were used for several purposes beyond worship services, such as for theatrical productions, political meetings, social events, and as a school classroom. 

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