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One of Salt Lake City's most beautiful landmarks, the Salt Lake City and County Building is Utah's most stunning example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. Built in 1894, the Salt Lake City and County building was the site of the Utah State Constitutional Convention and served as Utah's Capitol from when statehood was first granted in 1896 until the current Utah State Capitol was constructed in 1915. It underwent a seismic retrofit in the 1980s, making it the first building in the world to be retrofitted with base isolators; the weak sandstone structure was placed on a foundation of rubber and steel to protect it from earthquake damage. 

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Spring greenery amidst the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains make for spectacular photo opportunities on our sightseeing bus tours! Enjoy breathtaking mountain views on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour.

The Wasatch Mountains are the result of over 20 million years of geologic fault movement, volcanic activity, and glacial canyon carving. Most elevations reach over 9,000 feet, with the highest peak, Mount Nebo, towering at 11,877 feet. The Wasatch mountains were an important source of timber, water from snowmelt, and granite stone for early Mormon settlers. They were also used for decades in mining silver deposits, including what now comprise the areas of Alta and Park City ski resorts. 

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