Kennecott's Magnificent "Copper Canyon" Mine & The Great Salt Lake

Copper Mine
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Pickups Start 2:30 PM(Daily) Seasonal-includes entrance fees.

$55.00 (Tour Guide gratuity not included.)

Tour Time:
4 hours


  • Includes the Great Salt Lake Tour PLUS...
  • The Largest and Richest Mine on Planet Earth - A colossal, man-made spectacle; simply miniaturizes the great pyramids of Egypt!
  • Cruise High into The Oquirrh Mountains - 7,000 ft. above sea level!
  • Gold, Silver, and Copper - "Most valuable mine in World history!"
  • The Great Wall of China and This Mine - The only two man-made creations visible from The Space Shuttle!
  • Visit The Unique Copper-Souvenir Shop - And The Mine Museum!
  • Mammoth-Size Trucks - And the biggest earth-moving shovel ever built!
  • Megaton Explosives - Detonated 2 to 4 times daily, The Crater deepens!
  • A World-Class Treasure - "King of Copper", industry's most useful metal.
  • Geological And Engineering Wonder - Never has any civilization, ancient or modern, created such an engineering marvel! Witness it!
  • Breath-taking Overlook - Your guide will point out the entire mine!
  • World's Largest Waste-Rock Repositories - Right beneath your feet!
  • One of The Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World!

Missing the Lake Tour is like having popcorn without salt. The Lake is six times saltier than the oceans! The Great Salt Lake, "America's Dead Sea", unique in all the world. Learn its history; witness the beauty of rainbow colored "sea-monkeys"; catchem! Kids love them. Revisit the nostalgic, exciting and tragic history of the old Saltair Resort and Pavilion.


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